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How Pre-Construction Lets You Shape Your Home– And Your Life


Park Grove Pre-construction condos for sale are great for families and corporate-minded individuals. In fact, this luxurious high-rise features estate-quality units with smart kitchens and plenty of amenities. Whether for newlyweds, celebrities or nautical and aquatic lovers, each Park Grove condo has its own unique and distinct style. With large terraces and windows, you get true illumination and summer rays all day long. Park Grove overlooks the tantalizing beauty of Miami Beach and all surroundings. With lavish features and elegant décor, pre-construction condos far outweigh existing units and traditional homes.

Pre-construction Condos Offer Unlimited Freedom

Park Grove Pre construction condos offer better living spaces for residents. In fact, your unit is designed with new and shiny fixtures. Similarly, you get optima space allocation, along with unlimited options for decorating and customization. Whether wishing to add geo-metric furniture and accessories or lighting accents, pre-construction truly lets you shape your home as desired. You also do not have to worry about permanent fixtures, as you would find in regular homes and existing condo unit establishments.

Why Invest in Park Grove?

Park Grove pre-construction condos continue attract investors near and far. With smart appliances and open-concept kitchens, these fabulous units feature aesthetically-pleasing designs at every turn. This includes modern and contemporary décor, along with large terraces that showcase picturesque backdrops and scenic imagery. If you are interested in purchasing one of these pre-construction units, it’s as simple as contact the Park Grove HOA today. They can schedule an on-site tour for you and yours. This is the perfect way to experience the majestic beauty of Park, along with all its fine amenities, designs and features.

Here are some reasons to make Park Grove your new dwelling and abode:

  • Park Grove pre construction condos are an OMA and REM KOOLHAAS development. A world-renowned, seasoned and reputable architectural firm.
  • Park Grove is situated in historic Coconut Grove – an area synonymous with fine nautical and aquatic activities.
  • Park Grove’s Bayfront Towers capture the heart and soul of Coconut Grove. This luxurious high-rise is considered the area’s most spectacular architecture to date.
  • Park Grove features exquisite décor, glass facades, and impressive views of Miami and Biscayne Bays.
  • Park Grove terraces are perfect for barbecues, lounging or enjoying the splendorous views of the area below.
  • Park Grove pre-construction units feature hardwood flooring, smart technologies, and high-end cabinetry with spacious rooms at every corner. These estate-quality units are perfect for families, seasoned condo owners, couples, and business individuals that want to live in a peaceful, serene – yet exciting and vibrant community.

New Pre Construction Condos

As mentioned earlier, pre-construction offers you optimal freedom to design your units as desired. However, you can easily speak to the Park Grove HOA if any customization or personalization will increase your costs. While this may seem as a drawback, it’s actually a great way to check which modifications you can implement – and which you cannot. As always, your Park Grove condo association fees cover landscaping, roof repairs, weekly trash removal, and access to all on-site amenities. This includes the popular Lobby Lounge, front-desk concierge, fitness center, business – entertainment center and spectacular pools.

Better Deals at Park Grove

One of the main benefits of pre-construction is the ability to get the unit you want. For example: you may be able to get a condo on the ground floor of the building. Similarly, you can find out about the property values in the area, which should indicate how much your Park Grove is – or can be – worth. Again, the team at Park Grove is always here to answer all your questions and concerns. It’s as simple as visiting their website or contacting the staff for all your questions and concerns. When looking for the best condo, it is important to conduct adequate online research. From social to mobile media, you will see positive reviews and comments about Park Grove – an enchanting community that continues to grow and expand.

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The Many Benefits of Pre-Construction Condos in Miami



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