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Three Reasons to Purchase a Condo

Have you ever wanted to live near the beach overlooking the ocean, or on a beautiful mountainside with a view? If so, you should consider getting a condo. Not ideal for large families, condos are perfect for couples, small families, and older folks who only need about 800 – 1,200 square feet of living space.
The perks of living in a condo are numerous: you can usually choose an area you like, you only pay your monthly rent and are then free to do whatever you wish. You do not pay taxes on the property as a renter, and you do not pay to maintain the building, grounds, or appliances. If something breaks, contact the office and they will send a maintenance worker over.
However, while this all sounds like a wonderful deal, rent can be costly. Especially if the condo is only your summer home. Rent payments for a one bedroom unit typically average about 1,700 a month. The lease for a two bedroom condo is often 2,700 per month. Because of the high lease rates, many people prefer to purchase their condos instead of rent them. If you are considering buying a condo rather than leasing, go online and check out the
Park Grove condominiums for sale.

Explore the beauty of
Park Grove in Miami

With a modern design, Park Grove is an area of charming, high-end, luxury condo towers that overlook the water front. Thanks to this incredible architectural design, you can enjoy watching sailboats out on the sea while sipping a lemonade in your large, sun-filled living room through enormous glass windows. Step out onto your balcony to smell the fresh ocean air and experience the glass walls that serve to maximize your view of the water. This is not only the best place to live, but it is a perfect place to entertain guests. With spacious living quarters and an open kitchen, you can take advantage of the highest level appliances.

If you enjoy swimming or simply like a good view, go up to the rooftop pool deck and take in all of Miami’s beauty from the edge.
Built in 1910, the Vizcaya Gardens and their museum are not only a National Historic Landmark, but are also a beloved relic of Coconut Grove. Coconut Grove has 16 gardens in all, and the Kampong Garden itself is 11 acres of raw beauty. While you are here, be sure to visit the outdoor cafes and the wonderful collection of restaurants that line the streets. Remember, too, that as a resident, you have the best access to shopping and the open-air malls.
If you have a boat, bring it to the marina, which is only a short commute for you! Enjoy life on land and on the sea.

Is Park Grove right for you?

What is not to love about these exquisite, luxury homes? Park Grove not only offers an astounding 80,000 square footage of luxury accommodations and five acres of gardens, but they have gone all out for you! With a whole body fitness center, a 28-seating private screen room, and 500 square feet of pools and pool-decks, there will never be a shortage of entertainment. The splendor does not stop there: enjoy wine tastings and a private wine storage area, treat yourself to the signature spas with treatment rooms, aromatherapy, saunas, and steam rooms. Stay in shape, too, with indoor and outdoor yoga. Enjoy the private dining rooms with our without your friends, and spend quality time with your children by taking them to the indoor and outdoor children’s play areas.

Here are three reasons to purchase
Park Grove condos for sale

  1. Instead of paying monthly rent, purchasing a condo will save you money; you can put those finances towards a mortgage.
  2. Once you own it, you are free to do whatever you want. Enjoy the freedom of being a homeowner rather than a renter.
  3. If you would ever have to leave for an extended period of time (such as a family emergency, etc.) you could always rent your condo out and make income while you are gone as opposed to paying rent even while you are away.