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An Unbelievable Life Awaits You at Park Grove

Sounds cliché admittedly but this quiet place in the midst of a water resort area like Miami really will enable the buyer to have the best of both worlds. Coconut Grove has the charm of a small fishing village yet the life of a major cultural center. In fact, Coconut Grove has some of Miami’s most established neighborhoods. Among the best restaurants, boutiques, and cultural opportunities in the world are here. All things nautical are of great interest here. There is no surprise, then, that the towers are Coconut Grove’s most ambitious architectural endeavor yet.

The glass walls allow light to filter in all day throughout the homes so closed up mustiness is never an issue even when the residents are away. Every day a resident comes home to a place refreshed by the strength of the sun.

Each home has a balcony with an abundance of space that provides the best views available of Biscayne Bay. If the resident is an aficionado of sailing and boats, he has only walk out on the balcony for spectacular views of them. So there is no more living for the weekend when one can get to the shore.

So while the boat lover relaxes on the balcony, a small reprieve to the kitchen for beverage will make the resident pinch himself to see if it’s true that he really is at home and he does not have to check out. Kitchens at Park Grove residences have the absolute best surface materials plus top-of-line appliances

Park Grove

The Park Grove resident has waiting for him each day a rooftop pool that provides an escape, not to mention a stunning view.

And forever more outdoor privacy Park Grove offers five acres of private gardens. No more public parks with weird people and questionable occurrences. This is a park where the plants are appreciated and treated respectfully so they flourish. The area itself is kept clean and treated respectfully.

The Amenities rival that of any luxury resort except that, unlike a resort where the people there have never been seen before, residents are known to the Grove employees. There are Aroma Therapy rooms as well as steam rooms. There is a wine tasting room and, within it, private storage for residents. There are several hundred pools. Indoor and outdoor yoga are available.

A private screening room that seats 28 will enable you to have people over for the big screen experience but the privacy of your own living room when the next sporting event comes up.

A resident has a signature spa and treatment rooms to which to come home. After a long or stressful day, there is no need to go to a membership club or day spa because one is right there.

Private dining rooms are available for meetings or dinners when the residents do not want to use their own homes.

There is an indoor and outdoor children’s play area that will occupy the children well. They will tire from it long before they tire of it. The zebra design around the pool is particularly interesting.

The goal at Park Grove is no doubt luxury but a softly spoken communication between design and craft of organic materials. Bold architecture yet not gaudiness. The thoughtful and intelligent design of space.

The floor plans all have the master bedroom at the front of the building with an unobstructed view of the water. Whether the individual buyer agrees, the second bedroom, in an optimum for privacy, is located at the back of the building along with bathrooms and the storage room.

For security, when the elevator stops, only the designated home is accessible. The elevator empties into a landing with an out-of-the-home storage unit. The stairwell also opens to the landing. There is a door from the home leading to the landing at the main entrance and second further away.

So, if you have ever stayed at a luxury resort and just did not want to leave, now is the time to embrace the life that awaits you at a condo community but with luxury resort amenities. Buy at Park Grove.