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Buy a Condo Today and Build your Wealth  

Buying a condo is a long-term investment for many families and individuals. While some look for new abodes for families, others simply want to diversify their real-estate portfolios and properties. Either way, Park Grove condos for sale continue to soar in regional popularity. With residents from near and far, these luxurious units are a great way to build your wealth. In fact, all Park Grove condos have spacious rooms with a large window that illuminate each corner with natural light. As the perfect alternative to pricy homes, condos are worthwhile investments that offer maximum ROI for years to come.

Why make Park Grove your New Home?

vPark Grove is perfect for families and investors that love the vibrant energy of Miami Beach. With a myriad of aquatic and nautical themes, this luxurious mid-rise is perfect for newlyweds, business people, and retirees alike. Enjoy soothing saunas and refreshing swimming pools with elegant amenities at every turn. There are plenty of green spaces for nature lovers as well. If looking for space, Park Grove features huge walk-in closets, pre-construction kitchens, and ample leg and storage room for one and all.

Here are some more perks of making Park Grove your new residence:

  • A beautiful seaside community with 5 acres of private gardens. Enjoy green, open spaces with elegant botanical arrangements and landscaping. Families will love the private spaces for spending quality time and enjoying the soothing beach breezes.
  • Park Grove is home to amazing 28-seat private screening rooms. Plan a movie night with your new neighbors and enjoy holiday movies, TV shows, and much more.
  • Immerse yourself in unsurpassed comfort with aromatherapy and steam rooms. The Whole Body Fitness Center also features the latest in cutting-edge exercise equipment with personalized training sessions.
  • With 500 pool decks, you and yours can easily wind down after a long day at the office or school. Replenish the system with indoor/outdoor yoga treatments and enjoy the magnificent Lobby with the best in acoustics, reading materials, and lounging areas.
  • Enjoy first-class front-desk concierge services that cater to your every need. Park Grove is home to ample parking with covered spots, along with private dining rooms and large indoor-outdoor children’s playing areas.

Park Grove Design

Park Grove pre-construction condosPark Grove pre-construction condos are designed by OMA and REM KOOLHAAS. They have created an oasis of contemporary design with down-home, traditional amenities. With an emphasis on green, nature and streamlined designs, Park Grove’s estate-quality units are meticulously designed to attract and engage investors. However, this residential establishment is home to families that simply want to live life at its fullest. With comfortable rooms, spacious closets, hardwood floors, and large terraces, you and yours get aesthetically-pleasing visuals with true functionality and performance.

These seaside condominiums are contemporarily designed with lavish interiors and exteriors. Similarly, their exteriors and landscapes are always kept up to date. This is part of your HOA fees which cover repairs, property upkeep, and all necessities. Condos – like homes – are investments that can help you build your wealth. In fact, investing and buying in a condo is far better than simply renting or taking on a sub-let. This investment becomes part of your portfolio and financial value is added each year or with any upgrade. From ample shelving and storage to bathroom vanities and open spaces, Park Grove is simply the best place to work and raise a family in.

The Art at Park Grove

Another thing that makes Park Grove special is its museum-quality art. In fact, these collections span a myriad of mediums – courtesy of Terra and The Related Group. From corporate collections and new pieces to site-based commissioned work, the art at Park Grove truly adds to the marvel and awe of the community. These pieces blanket the interiors – from the lobby and lounge to the onsite business center. Similarly, Park Grove is designed for residents to enjoy entertainment, fine dining, and activities without ever having to leave their residences.

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