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6 Features Single Women Look For In A Home

Are you in the market for a new home? As a single woman, you need something different in your home, something that couples and families aren’t looking for. You have different needs, and so you need to adjust your search. Here’s what you should be looking for in Park Grove pre-construction condos for sale, and how you can find these qualities.

A Location Close To Everything

Park GroveThe location is probably the most important thing for any home buyer. You want a home that’s in the right spot for you. This changes depending on whether you’re buying as a couple, a family, or as a single woman. Single women are demanding their homes provide a lot in terms of location.

Most women asked to want a home that’s in the thick of everything. They may want a home that’s in easy traveling distance of museums, theaters and other entertainment spots. They want somewhere that’s close by coffee shops and places to meet up with friends. They also want somewhere close to work, so they don’t have to deal with a long commute at the end of the day. Many also want to be close shopping centers, so they can drop by and do some shopping whenever they feel like it.

A new home for a single woman needs to be able to do all these things. Many Park Grove condominiums for sale are being built in areas that offer all this and more, so as a single woman you should check this out.

A Safe Home

As a woman living on your own, it’s paramount that you feel safe in your home. When you live with others, it’s much easier to feel safe. On your own though, you want the benefit of a little extra security.

Condo developments are excellent for single women, as they’re self-contained communities. Nobody will be able to get in without being seen by the security team that will be on-site 24/7. Having that team on board will help you feel so much safer in your home.

A condo, in general, is a great way to ensure your security. You can get a condo that’s above ground to add safety to your home. Picking a condo in a safe, well-lit neighborhood is also another vital step. Talk to residents and do your research before you buy, to ensure you know what you’re getting.

Amenities On Your Doorstep

Park GroveFeature no. 1 noted that single women want easy access to amenities in their neighborhoods. What’s more convenient that amenities right on your doorstep? Having amenities in your complex is easy, convenient and more exciting than you realize.

Many developments are creating new and unique amenities to draw potential buyers in. For example, here at Park Grove Miami we’re not only offering a fully stocked and staffed gym, but the sauna and steam rooms, and a full spa too. It’s just the thing if you want to work out before work without having to travel to the gym or relax after a hard day with a facial.

Having these options right there at your home is beneficial, and once you’ve experienced them you’ll never want to be without them.

Space Of Their Own

Talk to any single woman buying her own home, and you’ll hear that they’re excited to have a space of their own. They’ve rented and shared with roommates for years, and this brings all kinds of stresses. They have to deal with sharing space, arguments about cleaning and food, and just not having the space to relax in your own home.

Single women want a space they can call their own. When they come home they’ll see that everything is where they’ve left it, and the home finally looks the way they want it to. There’s a lot to be said for fully owning your own space.


One thing most single women can agree on is that they need a home that’s affordable. They’re buying a home on a single income, so they need to be able to afford payments on their home loan without stretching themselves. That means they’ll often go for smaller homes, such as 2 and 1 bedroom homes, in order to make them affordable.

You’ll often find single women are consciously working on their credit scores and building savings in order to afford their first home. Being able to afford the home without becoming house poor is important to them.

Potential For More

Finally, many single women are business savvy and they want a home that can give them more. What this very much depends on the woman in question. Some like to buy homes with a second bedroom, garage space or parking spaces that they can rent out for extra cash.

Others are thinking more long term. They buy a home with the intention of selling it on later down the road. They want a home that will appreciate in value. They can buy a home to be fixed up and sold for more than they bought it for, or they can buy new homes that will become valuable after completion. Either way, they want the opportunity to capitalize on their investment.

These are the 6 most important things that single women want in their new home. A safe place to come home to, a space of their own, and the opportunity to make money on their home are all vital in their choice of a new home.