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Tips on Choosing Furniture for Your New Condo

Condominium living makes us recognize the need for enhanced use of space. A condominium doesn’t have the same spaciousness provided at a home in the suburbs. A home in the suburbs typically has considerable space that could help you arrange the appropriate furniture.

Conversely, a condominium unit doesn’t necessarily permit us to select our preferred furniture. Therefore, you must select the suitable furniture if you’re looking to move into our units at Park Grove. Here’s a list of tips to ensure you make the right decision.

Obtain Space Measurements

We can’t overemphasize this enough. When it comes to residing in a condominium, you should remember the space you’re dealing with. This implies that you need to capitalize on the available space at Park Grove condos for sale.

If your furniture is too big, your space will feel cramped. You might favor sectionals, but this isn’t practical if you lack space. The same applies to beds. Ensure the bed you purchase is suitable to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Consider Multi-purpose Furniture

When residing in our units at Park Grove Miami, we recommend you invest in multi-purpose furniture that can handle numerous functions. For instance, you can go for a sofa with an in-built coffee table. Another option we would recommend for condo owners is a sofa bed.

Space-saving and multi-functional furniture are popular trends these days because they help save considerable space. This is ideal if guests frequent your place for sleepovers or parties. Most multi-function furniture pieces are single pull-out beds, sofa beds, and an ottoman with integral storage, which you can use for storing your essentials.

Obtain the necessary things only

We can understand how easy it is to want virtually everything once you step into a furniture showroom. However, you must take care not to buy too many pieces for your unit. Beware that you don’t have considerable space to work with, so just buy the necessary furniture.

We recommend you begin with important pieces such as chairs, sofas, and a bed before you consider other items. If there’ space after obtaining the necessities, you can begin to examine other pieces you find appealing.

Spend time in the unit first

Purchasing a property is a very exciting time. After you’ve obtained approval for it, you’ll probably start developing plans and ideas for the new space. You’ll need to think things through before you end up purchasing furniture before you’ve had a chance to spent some time in your unit. Otherwise, you might end up regretting the furniture purchase.

Minimalist Furniture

We recommend a minimalist style if you want to avoid bulky pieces of furniture. This will be perfect for your condo space because you want to make your space appear more spacious. On top of adopting a minimalist approach, we would recommend neutral colors for the walls and furniture to give your place a bright, cozy, and warm feel.

Spacious Storage

We realize that condominium living has its limits, particularly for storage spots. Choose simple storage furniture that’s suitable for your unit. If you want a spacious-looking room, we recommend the inclusion of a sliding door or open compartment to store and organize your belongings. This way, your space will appear more organized and stylish.

Wall-mounted Furniture

Elevating furniture is not only practical but also beneficial for condominium units. This approach makes your unit feel less overcrowded and open for more storage. You could even include a wall-mounted mirror in the living room area to make the space appear wider.

Tips to Furnish Your Condominium

Whether you’re downsizing or a new condominium buyer, it’s vital to consider furnishing in a manner that will suit your lifestyle and the unit aesthetically. Here are factors to consider when furnishing your unit.


Condominium developers typically deliver spaces that might be different from what you probably envisioned depending on mock-ups. At times, entry doors might be narrower than you expected or the shower doors might be smaller.

If you have a tall or large frame, ensure the doorframes will offer easy access. Don’t merely examine the ceiling height and presume the unit will have high doorframes. When it comes to purchasing furniture, consider pieces scaled for small-space living to keep your unit looking roomy and spacious.

Avoid a couch that features a rolled back; this will consume more room when placed against a wall. You could opt for multifunctional furniture such as an ottoman, which comes in varied shapes, materials, and colors. You can use them as extra seating, footstools, or coffee tables.

The Look

Today’s designs provide various looks, so you could settle for a modern or traditional look. Numerous people believe that since condominium designs are modern, the interiors must equally be contemporary. This isn’t the case. You can make traditional furniture look just as interesting. If your space is smaller, you might want to avoid solid heavy appearance and purchase opened bottomed furniture.

Keep in mind that couches can seem heavy if the upholstery interconnects with the floor. We recommend floating furniture with open space beneath for additional visual space.

Develop cohesive spaces

When decorating, we find that numerous people arrange couches around central point fireplaces. If you opt for this method, make sure you don’t chop up your room. Condominiums frequently comprise open concept dining or living rooms and to develop separate spaces, it might be necessary to position a narrow table behind the couch to generate interest and produce a division that appears planned instead of forced.

Putting the right thought into your condominium fixtures will help you fill your space with stunning pieces that fit harmoniously in our luxurious condominiums.