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Welcome To
Coconut Grove

Miami's Most Established Neighborhood.

Vizcaya Gardens

Built in the 1910s, the villa at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a National Historic Landmark—and a relic of Coconut Grove's illustrious past.

The Kampong

Among the 16 parks Coconut Grove boasts is the Kampong, an 11-acre tropical garden that was originally the home of famed horticulturalist Dr. David Fairchild in the early Twentieth Century.

World-Class Education

Coconut Grove is home to some of the world's finest private schools including Ransom Everglades School, Carrollton School of The Sacred Heart, and St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School.

Fashionable Restaurants
Curated Boutiques

Within the village of Coconut Grove, outdoor cafés and restaurants line the streets, and residents have access to some of Miami's best shopping. In addition to numerous local boutiques, the neighborhood is home to two open-air malls, CocoWalk and Streets of Mayfair.

Life on The Bay

Coconut Grove's rich maritime history still informs modern-day life at Park Grove, where the sea is a natural extension of your home.

A Brief History of Coconut Grove

A place of soul and community, Coconut Grove has long been the spiritual center of Miami.

Miami's First Neighborhood

When Miami's first settlers set foot on the pristine shores of Coconut Grove, they knew they'd found the ultimate homestead. Here, they'd discovered a landscape that was abundant in natural resources and astounding in its lush tropical beauty.

Coconut Grove offered an unrivaled trifecta: a wild and verdant landscape, the clear-blue waters of Biscayne Bay, and year-round sunlight and warmth. In 1825, Coconut Grove became Florida's first official settlement, and the area has been considered the soul of Miami ever since.

Early Explorers

During the nineteenth century, the population of Coconut Grove slowly grew. In 1882, English immigrants Isabella and Charles Peacock opened the area's first hotel, the Bay View Inn (later renamed the Peacock Inn). With this institution firmly established, Coconut Grove became a destination for visitors, and it soon gained a reputation as an idyllic haven where life was both dynamic and relaxed, prosperous and simple.

In 1887, yacht designer Ralph Middleton Munroe founded the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, naming himself Commodore. Though it had long been a hub for mariners, Coconut Grove was now a center of recreational yachting and a known epicenter of the nautical life.