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Why Miami Florida Is the Best Place to Purchase a Condo

Miami, Florida is one of the most desirable areas in the world to live in. From north to south, it is packed residential blocks that have an exciting variety of condominiums like Park Grove condos. So what makes Miami Florida a favorite destination for people seeking to buy condos? In this article, we will break it down and analyze some of the criteria that are used to evaluate objectively what makes Miami a good place to live in.

The criteria we’ll be using in this evaluation will include the four metrics as listed below;

Livability (measuring factors like amenities, employment and education)

Median home listing price;

Median home value;

Home value forecast (gauging the “return you can expect on your money”);


The Residences

One of the biggest reasons why people purchase condos in Miami is the quality of the condos themselves. Park Grove is one of the most exclusive condo complexes in Miami, Florida. The developer offers variety when it comes to the floor plans consisting of three- to six-bedroom Bay Front residences.

The condos at Park Grove are the epitome of luxury with 12-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling glass window walls, and doors and each home has a spectacular view of the Biscayne Bay from the individual terraces.

Each residence has a private outdoor terrace of up to 1,000 square feet large. The residences are all pre-wired for high-speed internet access. Floor options include natural stone, porcelain, and wood tile.

Access to the homes is through dedicated elevator lobbies and private elevators.


Part of the charm of residing in a luxury condo at Park Grove Miami is the great weather all year round. The beaches of Miami are a popular destination for vacationers, particularly those from the colder climates. But as a resident here, you don’t have to go anywhere to look for good weather it will be all around you.

Condo Amenities

Condos in Miami are known for providing state of the art amenities in their complexes. Developers recognize that incorporating amenities is vital to the quality of life of an individual. In your search for a luxury condo in Miami, consider Park Grove condos. There are a lot of world-class indoor amenities available at Park Grove. Some of the amenities available to our residents and their guests include: indoor and outdoor lounges and bars, a private dining room, spinning, and Pilates studio, Bio-sauna with aroma infusion and herbal steam

When you’re looking for a new home, particularly, luxury housing, you will definitely have a checklist of the kind of amenities you expect to have access to within your building complex. At Park Grove, you will not have to worry about a limited selection of amenities to enjoy during your relaxation or downtime.


Part of your living experience is linked to the neighborhood you reside in. Within a short distance from Park Grove, residents will have access to outdoor cafes and lines of restaurants on the streets. The cuisine is diverse and it is not likely you will not find something you don’t enjoy. For the individuals who enjoy shopping, there are numerous local boutiques and two open-air malls, CocoWalk and Streets of Mayfair.

Residing in Miami will allow you access to a rich tradition of cultural and artistic events, this is because the Miami port is the world’s busiest cruise port and therefore has a very cosmopolitan community.

The community is made of fun-loving people who come together and set up a wide variety of cultural festivals that are held in the outdoors. Some of the most popular cultural events in the Miami area include the Coconut Grove Art Festival and The Great Taste of The Grove Food and Wine Festival.


The job market is very strong in Miami and jobs are available across social-economic levels. Unemployment rates are at an all-time low. Miami is enjoying one of the longest economic recovery and boom cycles in history. So residents of  Park Grove don’t have to worry about having access to gainful employment. Another advantage of moving to Miami is the vibrant port activity which also provides a lot.


Miami provides world-class education, particularly, Park Grove is located in a high-performing school district. The well-established school system provides families with children access to elite education. The school district in which Park Grove that includes seven private schools with the oldest dating as far back as 1903.

Home listing price

A key consideration when purchasing real estate is the listing price of the property. The listing price of luxury homes like Park Grove is lower compared to properties of similar square footage and luxury in other parts of the country like San Francisco. This is another reason to move to Miami particularly for retirement purposes.

Home value

The value of your home is determined by factors like the location of the property, which works to the advantage of Park Grove that has a spectacular view of Biscayne Bay, a feature that prospects are willing to pay a premium for. Other features include the actual construction quality. Condos in Miami are constructed to the highest quality standards.

These and many other factors have led to Miami homes having a high intrinsic value.

Home value forecast

With the increase in demand for luxury condos like Park Grove from baby boomers, millennial (who want low maintenance luxury living), and foreign investors; the resulting effect is that the value of the property is increasing with time. An increase in value guarantees a return on investment on the money spent buying it.

In summary, these are some of the reasons to move to Miami.